In partnership with the Body of Christ, we can produce a contextual evangelistic media tool for every one of the Least Evangelized Mega Peoples (with a population over a million). If we partner with at least ten ministries and/or mission agencies each producing at least one evangelistic audio-visual presentation per year, we would finish this task by the year 2020! This would mean that 75% of all unreached people would have an indigenous Gospel presentation. This is a measurable and worthy goal which the whole Body of Christ can embrace!



Pray – Partnership – Production

Adopting a people group for production is a process. Even if you do not have all of the resources or an experienced crew at this time, God will honor your obedience to step out in faith. Our team is also here to help you through this process as you seek to communicate the Gospel to a people who are lost without Him.

Get God’s heart and perspective on each people group. Everything starts with prayer and nothing is truly accomplished in God’s kingdom purpose without prayer. Encourage your church, Bible study, and ministry to pray regularly and gather information about your adopted group(s). Champion the need for an indigenous gospel presentation for your adopted people group(s). Communicate regularly with the 20/20 Vision facilitation team for prayer and assistance with this process. Please register your adoption with the 20/20 Vision facilitation team at:

Seek wisdom and resources from other mission leaders, national partners and producers along with the 20/20 Facilitation team. Most of us will not have everything we need to fully see a film produced for our adopted people group(s). Your first partnership should be with the 20/20 Vision facilitation team who can offer research, contacts and other resources to assist with your projects. Seek out mission agencies, missionaries on the field, and other churches and individuals with a similar focus on your adopted people group(s). Stay in contact with the 20/20 Vision facilitation teams research department for updates and possible contacts for potential partnership development.

Assemble your crew, research, learn from cultural advisors, write your script, gather your equipment, raise the finances and GO! This process may take one or two years to complete depending on the experience and resources available to you. Take advantage of the experience which the 20/20 Vision facilitation team can provide in various aspects of effective cross-cultural communication, fund development and field production. Go with expectancy that God will open doors and guide your whole production as every aspect is supported through prayer and cultural sensitivity.

“The biggest need today is for evangelism tools that are done with (and for and by) people from their own language groups… We’ve got to be more relevant, and contextual, with the people of these various groups. I think every mission leader ought to investigate this, and put some good prayer and finances behind it!”

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