Thank you so much for taking time to Pray for our Create International Ministry locations. We appreciated your partnering with us.

Team GCRC [New]

Praise Point:

  1. At many conferences we are hearing how Create International’s resources have blessed workers around the world. Many tell us how these tools have helped unreached people to come to Christ.

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for us as we develop relationships and training avenues with media teams and ministries towards the 20/20 Vision. The goal of the 20/20 Vision is to produce a contextual audio-visual gospel presentation for every Least Evangelised Mega People (LEMP) by the year 2020. ( over 150 more groups to complete!).
  2. Calvin & Carol came back from the States, after resourcing the Body of Christ and sharing vision for our 2012 Year of Training for Missions and Media. Pray that people will respond to the message they gave and that they will be reminded of it as they seek the Lord in prayer.

Team Create_Perth [New]

Praise Point:

  1. We are running the School of Frontier Media 2012, and are excited to be delivering this quality training to an enthusiastic classroom
  2. The Sikh Mobilization film that we did in partnership with the Global Resource & Communication Center is nearly finished.
  3. Part of our new YWAM Perth base property is complete and being used right now, and the rest of the new YWAM base should be complete soon.

Prayer Points:

  1. We are looking at an exciting project in Indonesia, and need breakthrough with the logistical and cultural support that’s needed to make it possible
  2. There is room for many more staff with all levels of media experience to join our team and to help fulfill the vision that God has given to Create International Perth. Pray for the full team that God wants to draw together.
  3. Pray for the work and finances necessary to complete the renovations of our new YWAM Perth home, which includes the facilities for Create International Perth.

Team CreateEmergebanner [New]

Praise Point:

  1. Media2Go begins in April
  2. We moved into our new offices
  3. New baby Jubilee joined the team

Prayer Points:

  1. for the several scripts that are in development to come to life
  2. for translation project to continue to move ahead

Team Create_India [New]

Praise Point:

  1. We Praise God for a good bunch of students and staff that God has brought for our present Media DTS.

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that students and staff would be open to what God wants to do in their lives.
  2. Pray that we would be able to finish all the video projects that we are working on.

Team Create_Thailand [New]

Praise Point:

  1. Completion of the Northern Thai evangelistic film production – right in our local Chiang Mai area. God provided great actors and many miracles to accomplish scenes in the necessary locations/sets.
  2. Completion of other contextual films: a viral video for Central Thai speakers, now launched on You Tube., The English-subtitled version of the Shan evangelistic film incorporating animation, other language-versions of the Zhuang film and other art and animation projects all focused on the unreached peoples of this region.

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for the development of a new evangelism toolkit for Buddhist peoples.
  2. Pray for our Create DTS that is running from 6January – 17 June 2012. We are from 10 nations and it is going well. God is doing a deep work in the students.

Upcoming Centers

  • Thank you for praying with us.
  • Pray for the continued development and mentoring of new leaders for other centers in the unevangelized world.
  • A team leader has been commissioned for Create Middle East.


Monday: Pray for Create Emerge, leadership and more missionaries in the field.

Tuesday: Pray for Create Thailand, leadership and revival in the Buddhist world.

Wednesday: Pray for Create Perth, leadership and our impact on the Muslim world.

Thursday: Pray for Create India, leadership and revival in the Hindu world.

Friday: Pray for our schools and staff – multiplication of many more staff to work with us.


Isaiah 62:1-7 (words replaced by Sarah)

:1 I, prayer partner for Create, will speak out to encourage Create. I will not be silent until they save those who are lost, until their victories among the the unreached shines like a torch in the night. :2 Create, the nations will see you are victorious! And their kings will see your glory. The unreached will be called by a new name, a name given by the Lord himself. :3 You will be like a beautiful crown for the Lord. :4 No longer will the unreached be called forsaken, or the deserted. Their new name will be “God is pleased with them” and their land “happily married” Because the Lord is pleased with them, and will be like a husband to their land. :5 God delight in you Create. :6 On your walls I have placed sentries; they must never be silent day or night. They must remind the Lord of his promises and never let him forget them. :7 They must give him no rest until he restores the unreached nations and make their cities a place that praises the Lord.

Prayer Central is a wonderful website to help fuel prayer,especially this widget: Fetch a Prayer The more we know our bible, the better we can pray! Bible reading plan for the year or find scriptures quick online at Joy Dawson DVD’s with teachings on Prayer