NEW! Cross-Cultural Evangelism Tool Kit (2015)

Do you want to be more effective on your next cross-cultural evangelism missions trip? Receive a clear and contextual presentation of the truths found in the Bible and hear many transforming stories from Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists who have decided to follow Jesus.

This four-disc training package looks at Practical Tools and Insights for Reaching Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Chinese. Fresh interviews from church planters and national workers on the field provide a teaching platform. Insights, methods, and bridges are discussed as you build relationships and share the Gospel with people of different religious backgrounds.

Also included on each disc is a folder of Additional Resources, containing contextual artwork, ethnic worship songs, bridges, power points, tracts, research, prayer guides, indigenous short films, and more.

Each DVD is packed full of one and a half hours of testimonies and practical examples arranged by selectable chapters. Use the attached study guide for interactive training.

Each download is around 3-4 GB.

Please note: These presentations are under copyright and not for duplication or further distribution (without prior permission)

$59.95 for all four DVD productions downloads