Every year, thousands of teams set off on short term trips to share the gospel. Language and cultural barriers can make clear communication of the gospel incredibly difficult. What if we could equip them to witness in an engaging and culturally relevant way? Equip makes sure to provide outreach teams with the tools and information necessary for them to be as effective as possible for the time they are on the field.

AAA026_1Eliza, an Australian missionary, testifies: “On our recent outreach to Jakarta, we spent one day with a family in a slum. We showed them the “More than Dreams” video of a young Muslim lady who had a vision of Isa Al Masih (Jesus) and became a believer. Two of the ladies decided to give their lives to Christ.”

“Are we doing all that we can to make the Gospel heard and understood?”

Last century, pioneers began to equip teams with tracts and a hand powered cassette tape player. Today, teams can fill their iPods, laptops, MP4 players and mobile phones with evangelistic films and gospel messages. Our Equip training package helps people to embrace these new technologies in order to reach the people in their heart language.

Values002JoAnne reports: “When we got to Reny’s house, he and his Muslim family were not as cheery as usual. They got the notice that their community would be demolished in 2009 and all residents would be forced off the land. As the perfect combat tool against hopelessness, we were armed and ready with Create International’s Refleksi film in Indonesian on our laptop. The movie, which they really connected with, was a segueway to talking about Isa Al Masih. Reny’s family thanked us for telling them more about Jesus’ news, which they had never been told before.”

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