Gospel Presentations


We have a specific focus towards unreached people groups and tailor-make all of our presentations for each specific group. Our evangelistic presentations are never simply translated into another language or duplicated for another people’s use, but rather we are committed to making each presentation as unique and culturally relevant as possible; utilizing audio and visual elements from that peoples’ culture. These video resources can then be used in combination with personal interaction by the on-field missionaries and short-term ministry teams.

Music Videos

Evangelistic music videos consist of music produced by or in co-operation with the people group and culture we are reaching out to combined with powerful contextualised imagery that communicates the Gospel message. With the rise of the entertainment industry music videos are becoming a very strategic form of communication. Here at Create International we are discovering the potential of music videos and as a result started producing music videos that will both inspire and challenge the audience.



Every day people are surfing the internet to search for religious material and they need to hear (and read) about Jesus. We are committed to sharing the gospel in a relevant way using language and symbolism that speaks directly to the heart of the people. Our websites focus on presenting the gospel to people from the world’s biggest religious backgrounds in a contextual manner.

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