internet_e001“I’ve heard of Jesus (Isa) but never really understood who he was, your website helped me to understand, thank you…Please send me a New Testament (Injil)”. This was one of the many responses that we have received from the more than six thousand Muslims who visit our contextual evangelistic website each month. We are reaching into countries where we would never be allowed to preach. In the first year we have had over 70,000 visitors to this website and hundreds of enquiries. We have maximized our focus on a purely Muslim audience by signing the website up to the 21 most popular Arab and Muslim “TopSites” search engines. At present our website consistently ranks among the top 10 most popular sites on at least half of these search engines. In one month alone, we distributed 500 electronic tracts in 15 different languages, from the Muslim world. We have just launched two new evangelistic websites; one for Buddhists, and one for Hindus. In addition, we have just created a website for “Messianic Muslims”. Christians from a Muslim background worshipping within their cultural context.

internet_e002The Internet now boasts more than 2 billion users, and it is estimated that by 2015 the number one language used will be Chinese. With broadband connections increasing daily, we are rapidly approaching the day when we will see the convergence of the Internet and satellite television. This will mean that everyone with a TV will have the potential of viewing websites. The Lord has been leading Create International to move forward and expand the Web Evangelism part of our ministry. We are buying equipment and reallocating some of our other computers to be fully dedicated to evangelistic website construction, chatroom evangelism, e-mail forum evangelism, training other Christians to do Internet evangelism, etc. The goal being to raise up a group of “E-vangelists” who could man a permanent ”Web Evangelism Centre”. The opportunities to reach people in restricted access nations through personal discussion and ministry presentations on the Internet is endless. Let us know if you are interested in being involved in any of our upcoming seminars or hosting one in your location.


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