The first Create International Office

The first Create International Office

The Beginning

Pioneering this ministry has been a continual step of faith and obedience to the Word of the Lord: from our humble beginnings in the 80’s, just doing the possible with a couple of staff creating slide projector shows, until today, where we have staff from many nations working on a myriad of films with some of the latest computer editing and production equipment.

In 1989, our founders moved to Singapore, a strategic ‘launching pad’ from which to send Media Safari teams into the least evangelised people groups of the world.

In 1997, Create International pioneered their first training program the School of Frontier Media. It was established in order to train and raise up more ‘media missionaries’ to partner with the body of Christ in bringing the Gospel to all nations.

The Strategy

Create International, as a frontier mission communication ministry, is committed to producing evangelistic audio visuals in the heart language and cultural style of the people group they are created for. These resources equip workers reaching out to some of the least evangelized people groups in the world. Our commitment is also to produce high-quality documentary films on specific unreached people groups that will raise up prayer and recruit labourers. Prayer and spiritual warfare are essential for reaching the unreached, and the greatest tool for communicating the love of God to any people group is a Christian missionary. Many new missionaries have responded to the call to ‘go’ by seeing an accurate portrayal of the beauty and the needs of an unreached people group.

Create International is committed to producing presentations that are carefully researched and are sensitive to the culture, symbols, and worldview of the target people group. Great care is taken to ensure Biblical, cultural and linguistic accuracy in all of our evangelistic presentations. Create is also committed to working with the missionaries on the field to determine the most appropriate media forms to use – whether they be videos, tracts, audio recordings, illustrated flip charts, dramas, etc. The soundtracks of our A/V presentations can also be used as audio-tracts, and for radio programs.

The Challenge

Nearly one third of the world’s population is hidden from the Gospel because of social, cultural, and linguistic barriers. However, an even greater barrier prevents the unreached from understanding the Christian message: illiteracy. Over 60% of the world’s population cannot read or write, and an even higher percentage of illiteracy exists among unevangelized peoples. These peoples have no hope unless they are given an opportunity to see and hear the gospel message in a way that makes sense to them.

The Goal

Our goal is to produce culturally specific evangelistic and mobilisation communication materials on all of the least evangelized mega people groups of the world. Special priority will be given to these 160 peoples with a population over one million.

Create International is committed to keeping the cost of video production affordable to the average Christian worker. Because we are all volunteer workers and part of a non-profit ministry, we are able to keep our costs well below the commercial rates for video production, while still being committed to producing high quality presentations utilizing the latest media technologies. For more information check out our 20/20 vision page.