Create International is a communication ministry of Youth With A Mission which seeks to “Declare God’s glory in all the world” through producing and distributing indigenous media resources, to initiate and strengthen evangelistic and church planting efforts among the remaining Least Evangelized Mega Peoples of the world.


  • PRODUCE an indigenous evangelistic audio-visual tool for every one of the Least Evangelized Mega Peoples (160 groups of more than one million) by the year 2020.
  • BROADEN strategic partnerships with the Body of Christ to maximize impact and results.
  • ACCELERATE proven techniques and strategies through innovative training programs.
  • DISTRIBUTE indigenous Gospel presentations among targeted mega-peoples using 21st century technologies. 

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Training Opportunities


Increasingly students are equipping themselves to be a blessing “from the nations to the nations.” God has been speaking to us in Youth With A Mission for many years about this wave of young people out of all of the nations of the Earth coming to us–and it is happening. A new “Communications Arts and Media AA and BA Degree” has been developed in the College of Communications. The Cross-Cultural Concentration degrees program will meet the needs of students who are preparing themselves to take on innovative art and media projects in a cross-cultural setting. We are committed to developing effective accessible training that is relevant to this “Multi-Cultural Digital Age.” Download our training catalogue here.


The Teams

Create Taiwan

Taiwan has a rich history, blending the cultures of the Chinese, Japanese and local indigenous island peoples. Although the Christian population is comparatively small here, there is a growing missions movement among the Taiwanese people, especially the youth. Taipei is a strategic place to get involved in this new wave of Asian missions! At Create…


Create Seeds

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Create International Seeds focuses on producing creative arts to reach unreached children with the gospel. Children love stories and pictures. Our vision is to create culturally relevant story books, colouring books,…


Create International Mobile Team

As a team we are focused on the fulfillment of the 2020 Vision. We do this primarily in three ways: Production: We produce indigenous, evangelistic films in the language and culture of the Least Evangelized Mega People Groups (LEMPs). Our last two productions have been for large unreached people groups in India. We work with…


Create India

India is the home of over a billion people, hundreds of different people groups and over 1652 languages. Rich in cultural, traditional and religious diversity, it is also one of the largest movie making nations in the world. The vision of the Create India team is to tap into the Indian peoples’ love of the…


Create Perth

The gospel is for all nations, peoples and languages, yet many people groups have had little or no opportunity to encounter the message of Jesus in a way they can understand. Create International seeks to produce high quality media tools that can be used to bridge the social, linguistic and cultural barriers that keep nearly…


Create Thailand

The Land of Smiles, Thailand is known for it’s friendly people, great food and a culture brimming with colour, creativity, and fascinating traditions. Thailand is an incredible fusion of ‘East meets West’ right in the heart of Asia. It has become a key centre for networking with thousands of missionaries and many agencies working among…



“The Middle East is brimming with rich history, friendly people, good food and warm hospitality, a strong cultural value that has been forged in the harsh desert lands. Create International Jordan is  pioneering team committed to learning Arabic language and culture in order to develop the media skills we have to accurately and creatively communicate…


Create GCRC

The Global Communication and Resource Centre (GCRC) is the international coordination and communication office for Create International. We serve our nine teams — now in six countries, on four continents.   The GCRC team is involved not only with our own productions; but we also oversee and assist with all of Create International’s film and…


Create Emerge

Create Emerge, situated in Wollongong, Australia, is a mobile team with a call to show people what God is doing in the least reached areas of the world. Where is He at work? Who is He using to accomplish the task? These are the questions we try to answer, to inspire and mobilize those who…

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Create International App…

This is one of the most useful evangelism tools I have found. If you are wanting to share Jesus with your Neigbours that speak a different language, this is the App for you. They have over 100 Gospel films you can view or download to your mobile devise all for free! I highly recommend it, especially if you plan to go to Unreached Peoples.  -Kosmo’s


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