EYE ON THE WORLD – An Unreached People Group Documentary Series

Eye On the World documentary series is a collection of mobilization documentaries on key unreached people groups. In these “documentaries with a difference” we discover the unique cultures and religions of some of the least reached people groups in the world. We will learn what God is doing within these societies, and how we can pray very specific and targeted prayers for their needs as a people. These videos are perfect for viewing in church services, Sunday school classes, concerts of prayer, home fellowships, and intercessory prayer groups. Choose videos from the region of the world where your organization is focussing their work and gain the knowledge necessary to make a significant impact for God’s kingdom.

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The Acehnese

A Battle of Swords

A Battle of Swords is a professional and creative display of four projector animation put to video which lets you see the history, culture and spiritual needs of one of the most devout Indonesian Muslim groups. From the province of Aceh in Northern Sumatra, the “front porch of Mecca.”

Production: 1990 / Running time: 15 minutes

The Algerian Arabs

Restoring a Treasure

An original song, professional graphics and testimonies from workers and Algerian believers all combine in a dramatic documentary focusing on the peoples in the 2nd largest nation in Africa. With very few missionaries in country, opportunities and prayer points are presented for ministering to Algerians in France, other parts of Europe as well as throughout the nation of Algeria.
A stirring portrayal of the 22 million Algerian Arabs, Shawiya Berbers and Kablye – all precious people awaiting the good news of Jesus.

The Awadhi

My Story, My People

The Awadhi are a people group of 13 million in northern India. This documentary showcases the life of the Awadhi people through one man’s spiritual journey to find peace and salvation.
Production: 2004 / Running time: 15 minutes

The Balinese

Breaking the Ties of Fear

“Unmasked” unveils the true Bali and her people. The 3.7 million Hindu Balinese have a colorful culture and beautiful land, but they are bound by fear. Inspirational montages and creative animations highlight this excellent video portrayal. (Hindu peoples)

The Bamar

Shining Light on the Golden Land

The 32 million Bamar are the largest people group of Myanmar (Burma). An anointed song and visuals covering the history and present ministry among this people, inspire the view to pray and get involved.

The Banjara

For All the World to See

For all the World to See” is the story, told by a Banjara woman, of a gypsy people in India. With 20 million Banjara living throughout South Asia, the potential for them to be used by God to spread the Gospel is great.
Production: 2003 / Running time: 16 minutes

The Bengali Hindus

Not Forsaken

Filmed for the Bengali speaking Hindus of India and Bangladesh. This film is a great way to introduce Bengalis from a Hindu background to Christianity.

The Bengali Muslims

Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil is a beautifully produced portrayal of the 140 million Bengali Muslims who have a veil of hopelessness separating them from God’s love. More Christians need to join with others who are reaching out their hands of love and healing to these needy yet open people. Includes testimonies from Bengali workers.
Production: 1997 / Running time: 15 minutes

The Deccanis

The People of a Lost Heritage

The People of a Lost Heritage is the touching account of a people who once ruled the vast frontier of India’s Deccan Plateau, but who now struggle with poverty and spiritual darkness. Begins with a glimpse into the Indian world of Islam then focuses on the Deccanis.

Production: 1992 / Running time: 24 minutes

The Gan

In Search of Truth

In Search of Truth is an inside view of one of China’s largest minority groups who live near Nanchang. Get a personal look at the spiritual needs of the Gan and hear about opportunities for service and what the Lord is doing in their midst.
Production: 2003 / Running time: 15 minutes

The Hui

A Journey of Hope

“A Journey of Hope” an inspiring account of the largest Muslim minority group in China. The 10 million Hui trace their ancestory to the Arabs of the Middle East. The ‘Back to Jerusalem’ movement and other missionary calls are included as a challenge to the Body of Christ worldwide. (Muslim peoples)

The Iranians

Beyond Borders

“The Iranians: Beyond Borders” tells the story of Nathan who sets out to the Middle East to discover who the Iranians really are. His eyes are opened as he meets an Iranian family who has suffered so much yet have stood firm in their faith.
This documentary gives a unique view into a people who are so often portrayed negatively by the media. Discover what God’s heart for this people truly is as you travel beyond borders.

The Isaan

A Changing Focus

A Changing focus” is an upbeat portrayal of one of Thailand largest yet also forgotten people- the 20 million Isaan of NE Thailand.
Production: 2002 / Running time: 12 minutes

The Jakartans

The Jakartans

Jakarta is a city of about 10 million people from 128 different people groups. It is a strategic city to reach with the Gospel because it has great potential to impact the rest of Indonesia. It is referred to a ‘City Awaiting Harvest and Revival’.
Production: 2007 / Running time: 10 minutes

The Kashmiri

Caught in a Crossfire

Caught in the Crossfire is an inspiring portrayal of the Kashmiri people of Northern India. Inspirational songs, computer animation and testimonies enhance this moving account of a people searching for lasting peace.

Production: 1993 / Running time: 15 minutes

The Kurds

Out of the Shadows

Get to know the Kermanji Kurds of Turkey and the Sorani Kurds of Iraq. Contemporary graphics, music and poetry help the viewer learn about the ancient Biblical history of these two peoples, and see what God is doing among them today.

The Khalka Mongols

Destined for Greatness

The 2.5 million Khalka are the largest people group of Mongolia. An original song and other missionary interviews inspire the viewer to see this strategic people launch out in their own missionary ventures.

The Komering

A Call to the River of Gold

“A Call to the River of Gold” highlights a river people on the world’s least evangelized island, Sumatra. See their colourful song and dance and learn of opportunities for ministry and prayer for these 1.5 million followers of Islam.

The Kyrgyz

Awaken the Dawn

Awaken the Dawn is a documentary through the eyes of a reporter who experiences the warmth, kindness and hospitality of the Kyrgyz people. She also observes their struggles and meets people who are trying to help them overcome their needs. The doors are open for the Gospel and for more workers to come and share God’s love with them.
Production: 2010 / Running time: 11 minutes

The Lampung

A Passage to Paradise

Over two million Lampungese of South Sumatra need Jesus. They are currently listed as the fifth least evangelized people. This video shows the culture of a people living in the famous Krakatoa volcano region.

The Limbu

People of Nepal

The Limbu are descendants of the Mongols that have migrated over the years to Nepal. Their beliefs are a fusion of Hinduism and ancestral worship. This video gives a glimpse of their culture and a view of how God is moving in their community.

The Malay

The Price of Harmony

“The Price of Harmony” colorfully portrays the 9.5 million Malays of Malaysia and Singapore who have a very rich culture and heritage, but their pursuit of harmony has become a spiritual wall restricting them from trusting Jesus as their Savior.

Production: 1994 / Running time: 13 minutes

The Madurese

Coming Home

Coming Home” is a dynamic visual description of one of the Indonesia’s largest unreached people groups, the 13 million Madurese of East Java. This video starts with a brief overview of the Madra Cluster of people groups in Indonesia.

The Makassarese

In Search of a Kingdom of Honor

In Search of a Kingdom of Honor reveals the glory of a vast kingdom which once ruled over Indonesia and most of northern Australia. Witness the present day struggle of 2 million Makassars to regain their dignity and find a kingdom that will last forever.
Production: 1996 / Running time: 15 minutes

The Manchu

The Bannerman of Imperial China

The Bannerman of Imperial China gives a passionate portrayal of a people who once ruled China. Opening with an overview of some of China’s largest unreached groups, this lively presentation is enhanced by video footage of ethnic dances and scenery from the far northeast corner of China.

The Minangkabau

The Myth of Victory

The Myth of Victory challenges us to reach this highly influential people group. One of the world’s few remaining matrilineal societies, the Minang people have a rich and lively culture. Includes a case study of a church who have adopted the Minang and an inspirational song challenging us to go!

Production: 1996 / Running time: 14 minutes

The Pattani Malay

Who Are Thai Muslims?

The Pattani Malay are a Muslim people group living on the southern border of Thailand. The word “pattani” means farmer, which describes the occupation of most of the population. For many years violence has been a regular part of everyday life among the Pattani Malay because of the separatist movement alone the border with Malaysia.

The Prai

Breaking the Ties of Fear

The Prai are a small tribal group living in the highlands of Northern Thailand. This is an inspirational documentary on the culture and lifestyle of the people as well as what God is doing to reach them with His love.

The Punjabi Sikhs

Pursuers of Truth

Pursuers of Truth documents the culture and religion of the Sikhs in India and around the world. Their religion preaches some truths that are common with Christianity, but they need to understand the complete Truth that is only found in Jesus. Discover your role in reaching the Sikhs for Christ.
Production: 2011 / Running time: 7 minutes

The Marwari

Message of Hope

The Marwari are a very influential people group living in the least reached state in India, Rajasthan. They are a Hindu group by religion but also follow many traditional animistic beliefs. A very colorful culture the Marwari are considered to be very good artists and businessmen.

The Sasak

Of a Distant Island

Over two million Muslim Sasaks reside on Indonesia’s Lombok island. View the natural beauty of their land and culture, while learning about opportunities to reach them for God’s glory throughout the islands.

The Shan

Swords Into Ploughshares

“Swords into Ploughshares” is a look at the Shan minority group in Myanmar. They have experienced oppression by the government and many have fled to neighboring countries. Alcoholism and drug addiction is prevalent within their culture. Discover how God is reaching out to these people through ministries in Thailand.

The Sundanese


“Harvest” is a revealing documentary about the 32 million Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia. Although they have been brought up in an Islamic culture, there have been many who are open and responding to the Gospel message. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

The Sundanese (2)

From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light is a dynamic visual description of one of the world’s largest unreached people groups, the 30.2 million Sundanese of West Java. The video starts with a brief overview of the largest unevangelised groups in Indonesia. Slide multimedia presentation.

Production: 1991 / Running time: 21 minutes

The Tibetans

Warfare in the Himalayans

Warfare in the Himalayas is a clear and graphic challenge for prayer and involvement among the ten million Tibetan Buddhist in North India and China.

The Tu

Romancing the Tu

The Tu people have their ancestry in both Mongolia and China. They are a colorful people in dress as well as cultural practices. They, however, live in fear of the spirits, which keeps them in spiritual bondage. Jesus loves these people and wants them to be a part of His Bride, so He is reaching out and calling them home.
Production: 2005 / Running time: 14 minutes

The Tujia

A Song From the Heart

“A Song from the Heart” is a compelling documentary of one of China’s largest minority groups. With a population of 7 million and very little exposure to the Gospel message, this group is in great spiritual and physical need.

The Turks

Truth Revealed

Truth Revealed is an inspiring presentation on one of the world’s largest unreached peoples – the 70 million Turks of Turkey. Learn about Turkey’s rich history in Christianity, and its modern-day inhabitants who have little or no knowledge of the gospel.

The Uighurs

An Oasis in the Desert

“An Oasis in the Desert” is an adventure into the world of one of China’s largest Muslim people groups. Over 16 million Uighurs dwell in the northwest frontiers of China and parts of Central Asia and are closely related to the Turkic people. View recent footage of their vibrant lifestyle and be inspired to join the worldwide team of Uighur advocates.

Production: 1996 / Running time: 15 minutes

The Urdu

A Cry in the Night

A Cry in the Night opens with a view of the Muslim world, then focuses on the 60 million Urdu Muslims of India and Pakistan through insights into their lifestyle. An original song, “Sons of Ishmael” and preaching challenge all to active participation.

Production: 2003 / Running time: 20 minutes

The Wolof


Located along the eastern coast of Africa, the Wolof of Senegal live in the region where the historical slave trade took place. “Unshackled” documents how the Wolof are no longer slaves to people, but are still bound by sin and enslaved to Islam. God wants to set these people free and be part of His Kingdom.

The Yadav

For the Glory of God

“For the Glory of God” is a documentary that looks at the 60 million Yadav of India. Often found in villages selling milk door-to-door and worshiping the Hindu god, Krishna, the Yadav are in need of a revelation of Jesus. Discover how you can be a part of reaching this group with the Gospel.

The Zhuang

Destination: Zhuang

A beautiful people living in a beautiful part of China, the Zhuang are ‘ripe for the harvest’. They live in fear of the spirits, but once they hear that Jesus is more powerful than the spirits, they are open to receive the Good News that He brings. Find out how you can be a part of this harvest.

The Zhuang (2)

Caught Between Heaven and Earth

Caught Between Heaven and Earth is a creative depiction of the Zhuang people, the largest of China’s ethnic minority groups. This video captures the plight of the 16 million Zhuang in a moving presentation of their history, culture and present needs.

Production: 1991 / Running time: 25 minutes

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Global Purpose_cover


From Genesis to Revelation, God’s global purpose to reach all peoples unfolds in this power-packed presentation. Dynamic special effects illustrate biblical and historical perspectives that outline God’s movement through history and how we can be a part of His plan for the world.

The video includes 4 chapters: Biblical, Historical, Unreached People, and Involvement. This video can be used as a teaching tool for perspectives courses, missions conferences, churches and schools. It serves as an inspirational visual masterpiece to reveal God’s blessing for every believer – to join Him in reaching all peoples and thus fulfill God’s global purpose.

Production: 2006 / Running time: 20 minutes

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